Who can use Our Products

20 – 35 years

In addition to a healthy diet can help reduce the effects of aging, reducing wrinkles, and improving elasticity; to a lesser degree improves hair and nail conditioning; body tone and functionality such as gut, joints, muscle and vascular system.

30 – 55 years

Helps muscle building, improving athletic performance, protecting connective tissues, healthy joint maintenance; thus, reduces the risk of injuries. Also serves to retain muscle mass through periods of overtraining and prolonged recovery.

50 – 65 years

Wear and tear on joints can cause stiffness and discomfort in older adults. Collagen is fast becoming the preferred active ingredient and is an ideal supplement for people noticing the effects of ageing and deteriorating condition in mobility and appearance.


What are collagen peptides?

Collagen peptides are a versatile source of protein and an important element of healthy nutrition. Their nutritional and physiological properties promote the health of bones and joints, and contribute to beautiful skin.… Read More