8 Tips For Mean Gains

So you think you are doing everything right? You’re lifting and eating for gains but not seeing substantial results? Then check out these 8 tips to add lean and mean muscle mass to your frame.

Time to eat

Timing your nutritional intake correctly can have a dramatic effect on your body’s composition. This, along with what foods and in what quantity you eat, can result in massive gains.

Think about it this way, , feeding your body with a great amount of calories when you are just lazing about on the couch does absolutely nothing for you, but fueling your body with the right nutrition before and after your workouts can be key to your success. Obviously we need to fuel our body throughout the day but at these two times, it becomes crucial. Because your insulin levels are at their highest first thing in the morning and again immediately after your workout, it is a vital time to get your carbs in as this will spur you on your way to getting substantial results.

Nutritional variety

If we eat the same foods day in and day out we not only run the risk of becoming nutritionally deficient, but also of becoming mind numbingly bored many people concentrate on reaching their macronutrient targets (eating enough protein, carbs and fats) but often forget about the micronutrients our bodies require. These micronutrients serve to provide a number of roles in bodily function like muscle building, repairing broken down tissue, energizing your body and also keeping you healthy and your immune system strong.

So remember, don’t just eat chicken and rice for every meal, 7 days a week. Mix it up, try other protein, carb and fat sources. Your body and your taste buds will thank you for it!

Don’t forget your carbs

If you have been trying to gain lean muscle mass on a low carb diet, it may be time to reconsider the carb debacle. In order for our bodies to build quality muscle, a decent portion of our nutrition should come from carbs. Good, and inexpensive, carb sources include quinoa, brown rice, sweet potato and oatmeal.

Eat healthy fats

Eating fats don’t necessarily make you fat. In fact, eating saturated fats help to keep testosterone levels in a healthier range which aids you in gaining quality muscle. In your macronutrient ratio, fats should make up about 20% of your calorie intake. To break that down even further, 15-20% of your fat intake should come from saturated fats and the rest should come from unsaturated and omega assortments.

Supplement with a mass gainer

Mass gainers are extremely high in calories (500+ per serving) and contain all the right nutrients to help you add mass. Before you buy a mass gainer, know your body type (ectomorph or mesomorph) and identify what works for you. Although adding muscle mass isn’t an exact science as everyone is different, these products are formulated to provide the best means of muscle gain across the full spectrum of body types.

Make weaknesses a priority

Most people have a weak area of their body, for some its legs, others chest, but no matter what your weakness’ may be, concentrate on them and make training them a priority. I do this by starting my workouts with the body parts i like training the least or that i struggle with instead of tacking them on at the end doing half a job of working them. Always train to your full capacity, persist and these weaknesses may just become your strong point.

Get sufficient sleep

As we sleep at night, our bodies repair damage to muscle. This recovery is an extremely important element of gaining lean muscle. So if you are not getting enough sleep, you are essentially robbing your body of the time it needs for this repair. Most of us don’t have the luxury of getting in 8-10 hours of sleep a night, which is optimal of muscle and strength gains, but if we make sleep a priority, you will be surprised with the results.

Train insane

Don’t chat, don’t text, don’t take selfies, just train!!!

Concentrate on making every workout count. Keep focused on what you are doing, feel your muscles squeeze tight with every rep and keep intensity high from beginning to end. Doing this may just be the difference between average and exceptional results.

Hit it hard!

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